25 May, 2015

Kalpasar project - Gujarat India

The Kalpasar project - Gujarat under the gulf of khambhat development project is mainly water resources project by way of  building a Over the Sea dam across gulf of khambhat.

The objective to establishing huge fresh water reservoir for meeting demand of drinking, irrigation, domestic and industrial water water supply. and its supplementary objective as a benefit from kalpasar project is to reservoir use of top of the dam across the gulf as a surface transport link, potential development of fisheries , reclamation of saline land and project related to renewable energy. 
         If this project complete than it becomes World's Largest man made fresh water reservoir in the Sea.

    Meaning of 'Kalpasar':

    'Kalpasar' means a lake that fulfills all the wishes. The word originating from  Hindu mythological 'Kalpa Vriksha' - wishing tree.
    This grand scheme called Kalpasar is conceived and developed by utilizing the concepts of two most successfully  implemented projects in the world.

    Idea the project:

    It details, the proposed 530 billion Kalpasar multipurpose dam project which is envisages for  construction across the Gulf of Khambat.

    In accordance with this project, a mega fresh water reservoir will be constructed on the upstream side of the dam by impounding the surplus waters of numerous rivers like Narmada, Dhadar, Mahi, Vatrak, Meshavo, Sabarmati, Bhogavo, Ghelo and Kalubhar.
    Kalpasar Project - Gujarat

    This project, if implemented with dedication and without corruption, will resolve four vital problems of the State of Gujarat which are water, electrical power, road-rail transport and development of ports
    However project is under aproval project and awaited for funding from govt. for start working process.
    state government release said the Rs 55,000 crore (US$ 11.7 billion) project, to be completed by 2020

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