25 May, 2015

Kalpasar project - Gujarat India

The Kalpasar project - Gujarat under the gulf of khambhat development project is mainly water resources project by way of  building a Over the Sea dam across gulf of khambhat.

The objective to establishing huge fresh water reservoir for meeting demand of drinking, irrigation, domestic and industrial water water supply. and its supplementary objective as a benefit from kalpasar project is to reservoir use of top of the dam across the gulf as a surface transport link, potential development of fisheries , reclamation of saline land and project related to renewable energy. 
         If this project complete than it becomes World's Largest man made fresh water reservoir in the Sea.

    Meaning of 'Kalpasar':

    'Kalpasar' means a lake that fulfills all the wishes. The word originating from  Hindu mythological 'Kalpa Vriksha' - wishing tree.
    This grand scheme called Kalpasar is conceived and developed by utilizing the concepts of two most successfully  implemented projects in the world.

    Idea the project:

    It details, the proposed 530 billion Kalpasar multipurpose dam project which is envisages for  construction across the Gulf of Khambat.

    In accordance with this project, a mega fresh water reservoir will be constructed on the upstream side of the dam by impounding the surplus waters of numerous rivers like Narmada, Dhadar, Mahi, Vatrak, Meshavo, Sabarmati, Bhogavo, Ghelo and Kalubhar.
    Kalpasar Project - Gujarat

    This project, if implemented with dedication and without corruption, will resolve four vital problems of the State of Gujarat which are water, electrical power, road-rail transport and development of ports
    However project is under aproval project and awaited for funding from govt. for start working process.
    state government release said the Rs 55,000 crore (US$ 11.7 billion) project, to be completed by 2020

    08 January, 2015

    The BRICS Times App available for Windows and Windows Phone Store

    The BRICS Times: The BRICS Times App available to Windows and WP Store: Windows Store Download Here We are happy to anounce our first version of The BRICS Times app, which now available on windows store...

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    06 January, 2015

    BRICS economies plan NDB to alternative of World Bank, IMF

             The biggest emerging  economies know as BRICS nations leaders are Brazil, Russia, India, China and south africa. on 6th general meeting of BRICS summit  held on 14-16 july,2014 in Brazil, leader of brics nations are officail inauguration of the long awaiting New Development Bank, its headquarters in Shanghai, China, starting with the $100 billion joint US dollor carrency reserve pool."I am confident that closer economic and financial cooperation between BRICS countries will allow us to implement truly large-scale joint programs with the aims of securely developing our nations," Putin said. BRICS is "acquiring a new quality," he said.

    The mazor agenda are duscuss about formation of New Development Bank and nuclear power cooparation, other point are to idea of economic development, cooperation of export credit agency and and innovation. "These steps would allow us to strengthen our nations' energy security and prepare us for the creation of new instruments and new institutes to trade energy resources,"said by Vladimir Putin

    Due to disappoinment with discriminiroty policy of IMF and non imlimentationof 2010 IMF reform, it nagative impact on IMFs legitimacy, credibility and effecteness. The BRICS summit is a voice of The BRICS nation for International affairs and monatory market.

    some of analysts wrote that NDB (New Development Bnak)  as a challange to the IMF and World Bank, and it affect to  current IMFs, World Bank and US $ dominance in international market i.e  The BRICS Nations are trying to free themselves from US dominace. "will become one of the largest multilateral financial development institutions in the world," Putin said

    03 January, 2015

    Idea of BRICS

    The BRICS members (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are all developing and fastest growing economies. it represent almost 3 billion people which is  40% (as of 2014) of the world population.even if its member countries population are almost 40%(as of 2014) of the world population its combine nominal GDP is US $ 16.04 trillion which is 20% of world GDP. so that member countries are co-ordinate their affairs to gain greater economic growth.

    US Dollar is the dominant world currency and so that over 65 % of the worlds nation keep their foreign reserves in US Dollar. so that Creation of the BRICS Bank (NDB) are likely to weaken dominace of US Dollar and creation of alternative international economic order.

    02 January, 2015

    Summery of BRICS

    BRICS - New Development Bank

    (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)

    • Sort Name : NDB 
    • Date Of Formation : 15 July, 2014 
    • Headquarters : Shanghai, China 
    • Type : International Financial Institutions 
    • Membership : Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa 
    • Affiliations : BRICS 
    • Legal Status : Treaty 
    • Initial Capital : $100 Billion
                        The New Development Bank also referred the BRICS Development Bank, is International Development Bank operate by BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). NDB is alternative Bank to the existing World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF).  It will be headquarters in Shanghai, China.


        1st BRIC Summit                    

            The First BRIC summit took place in Yekaterinburg, Russia on June 16, 2009 hosted by Russia, Participant by Brazil, Russia, India and China such four countries produce about 15 percent of the world’s gross domestic product and hold about 40 percent of the gold and hard currency reserves.
             The leaders of the BRIC counties discussed that time global financial crisis, global development, and further strengthening of the BRIC group (Brazil, Russia, India and China)

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           2nd BRIC Summit                    

            The Second BRICS summit took Place in Brasila, Brazil on April 16, 2010 hosted by Brazil, participant by Brazil, Russia, India, China and Invited the leader of South Africa and Palestinian Authority.
             The leaders discussed various issues including the Iran and nuclear weapons, development.

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           3rd BRICS Summit                  

             The Third BRICS summit took place in Sanya on the island of Hainan, China on 14 April, 2011 hosted by China, Participant by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
             The leaders of the BRIC countries discussed about Economics, International Law, United Nations Security Council Reform, Trade Medium and express about Libyan civil war.

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          4th BRICS Summit                       

           The Forth BRICS summit tool place at Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, India on 29 March, 2012 hosted by India, Participant by all BRICS Countries.
           The leaders of the BRICS countries discussed about Global Stability, Security and Prosperity.

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        5th BRICS Summit                     

          The Fifth BRICS summit took place in Durban, South Africa on 26-27 March, 2013 hosted by South Africa, Participant by all BRICS Countries.
           Discussed about the important issues being discussed was the creation of the development bank and initial investment of about US$ 100bn.     
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          6th BRICS Summit                    

                  The Sixth BRICS summit took place in Fortaleza , Brazil on 14-16 July, 2014 hosted by Brazil, Participant by all BRICS countries and Invited other 11 countries.
                   Having agreed to set up a new international development bank during the 2013 summit, the group signed a document to create the US$ 100 billion BRICS Development Bank and a reserve currency pool worth over another US$ 100 billion.
                    The Headquarters selected as Shanghai, China. Documents on cooperation between BRICS export credit agencies and an agreement of cooperation on innovation were also signed.

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